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Building your own home can be an exciting journey as you go by the process stage by stage. You must’ve done your research and gone through countless designs to see what you want your dream home to look like. While your ideas matter a lot, so does the architect that you choose to design your home. Across the Victorian Bay, there are a number of quality home builders in Melbourne. You just need to pick the right one for you. When you work with the right builder, the outcome will meet your expectations to the maximum. And as you decide to work with an architect after making an informed decision, you save much trouble for yourself. With that said, here are 6 important questions that you should ask your home builder

1.What’s your experience?

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In a field that’s as practical as architecture, experience translates to expertise. If the architect you decide to work with has many years of experience in building homes, you don’t have to worry so much about the building process. This is because, with experience, home builders get better at what they do, and they can also handle complications or make quick and right decisions in a crisis. Looking for an architect with an experience of at least 5 years would make sense.

Do you work with an in-house drafts-man?

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If the builder has an in-house drafts-man, work becomes convenient both for you and the home  builder. Every time you want some changes to be made, you can directly communicate with the drafts-man and make sure your ideas are clear. However, when that’s not the case, the builder has to serve as the mediator, communicating the changes with the drafts-man each time. This whole process becomes a lot more time taking than it would be if your  works with an in-house drafts-man.

What’s your usual timeline?

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The time that it will take for the builder to complete all the work depends on a variety of factors. To begin with, how complicated your home design is, how easy or difficult it is to find the material, and many other aspects have to be counted in to tell what the timeline of the work could be. However, with experience, an architect would have a rough idea as to how much time each of the building stages, and ultimately, the whole building process would take. That way, you can plan moving in to your newly built home in Melbourne.

Do you offer customization?

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When you decide to hire an architect in Melbourne, there can be two conditions- you’d either choose to go with a pre-design, or you’d want to customize and design your own sustainable home from the scratch. If you’re willing to go with customization, you have to talk to your architect and see how much of customization they’re ready to offer. Hiring a quality home builder based on this criterion depends on your requirements. If you’re ready to choose out of the many options that the architect provides you with, you don’t really need much of customization.

What’s the amount of down payment I need to make before the work begins?

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When you have your home built from scratch, there’s always a certain amount of money that your builder would need in order to get started with the work. This could be for the purchase of material or paying other people involved in the building process. In most cases, the down-payment you make is non-refundable. However, getting an estimate would help you figure out if you’re in a position to spend so much to initiate the process of building your home. This is the basic difference between buying a home and building a home. You get to make the down-payment when you exist the transaction in case you buy a home. However, building a home requires you to make prior payment.

Can I have a look on a few of your past projects?

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One of the major questions to ask before you make the decision is if your potential home builder  can provide you with the contact details of a few of his past clients. This is the best way to gain insight in to the work of the architect. You can figure out how efficient, professional, understanding, and punctual the architect is. You can also ask the clients if they faced any difficulties while working with the builder.

If not that, you can as well visit the website of the builder and check the reviews, or read through the Google reviews. Other’s experience of having their homes built by the architect would help you make the right decision. In that light, you can also look for references from your family members, friends, or someone you know who got their home built recently in Melbourne. This can also help you in finding a reputed,  reliable and quality home builder.


Building a house in one of the largest cities of Australia,i.e., Melbourne would be one of the most significant investments that most people make in their entire course of life. When you’re spending a considerable chunk of your hard-earned money in building a home where you’ll be spending much of your time unwinding with your loved ones, every penny you spend should be worth it. So, make sure you ask these six questions before you hire a home builder so that you’re delighted with the outcome.

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